Hands on training for advanced dentistry practices

The program offer a curriculum of didactic components and clinical experiences in the following disciplines: Comprehensive Dentistry, Endodontics, Esthetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Periodontics. Through lectures and one-on-one mentoring, participants will learn the following practical hands on skills in their chosen field of dentistry training

Oral Implantology training for skill enhancement includes

Implant options -Single tooth implants vs. fixed bridges

Multiple implant crown and bridge cases

Single-stage and two-stage implants

Simple overdentures

Associated bone preservation and ridge augmentation grafting

Step by step drill sequence for implant placement, Cover screw, healing abutment, implant abutment placement, Impression analog, implant analog, various impression procedures

Case Selection, preparation of a case for implant surgery for trainee

Surgical placement of implant live (step by step demonstration)

Hands on surgical placement by the participant

Healing abutment placement

Cementation procedures

Implant Occlusion

Immediate Post extraction Implantation. Impression making & Prosthesis delivery

Comprehensive One-week hands on skill enhancing training on Lasers in Dentistry.

Laser physics and theory, safety,

Endolase™ RFT Root Canal Therapy – improving disinfection of the root canal

Expanding applications of diode lasers – from hygiene to low-level laser therapy

Laser periodontal therapy.

Hands-on Laser Lab Learn all about what using a laser will really be like, mentorship of experienced clinicians

Live Patient Treatments* Learn how to introduce laser dentistry to patients to perform painless, anesthetic-free dentistry. Observe live patient treatments by experienced laser dentists

Cosmetic Dentistry Hands on training programme-smile designing and makeover training

Preventing debonding and discoloration.

Restoration of Class I to Class V defects, wet-finger demonstrations as well as hands-on experience.

Tooth whitening

Porcelain laminates, Invisalign,™ and porcelain inlays and on lays,

Anterior and posterior direct composites

All-ceramic systems: preparation, impression and temporization of all-ceramic crowns and veneers

Cementation of all-ceramic crowns, Laminates & veneers

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth whitening

Indirect laminate luting (hands-on).

Diastema Closure (hands-on).

Periodontology hands on training sessions

Splinting techniques

Periodontal dressing

Root planing / curettage


Flap surgery flap techniques for pocket therapy

Bone grafts selection & techniques

Crown lengthening procedure

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