Implants-the permanent tooth replacement

A Dental Implant is a Dental root form device used to support a tooth/ or teeth replacement. They appear like actual tooth root & they fuse with the bone where they are implanted. They support overlying. Crowns, bridges or dentures

Teeth Implant

Post extraction implant

Delayed post extraction implant

Late Implant.

Tooth in a day is when teeth are already removed or are. edentulous

Implants are made of

Titanium Screw :- Metal root (fuses with join bone)
Abutment: - Fits over titanium screw.

Crown: - Actual tooth that covers the abutment & looks like natural tooth.
We Use
we use nobel biocare

Implant Procedure

A missing tooth is replaced with implant in the following manner.

A space created by drill in the bone for placing the implant.

Implant Introduced. Into the space

Impression taken & sent to lab to form porcelain crown. (To be placed over the implant)
Abutment connected to implant.
Attachment of crown. (over the implant root)
Treatment Duration: 1 week

The second stage procedure for fixed prothesis can be done after 4 months.

Full Dental replacement with Implant

Full dental replacement implant is planned with minimum 6 implant loaded in bridge of 12 dental porcelain crowns.

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appointment-Implant space created & Implant placed. Impression taken for crown
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Return after a week
Second appointment-Placement of porcelain crown at end of stay
Pick up & drop from Hotel to Clinic- free
Post procedure consultation– Free